What is Guided Imagery?

“Imagination is the language of the soul.  Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.” ~ Albert Einstein

Guided Imagery is a process of directing the imagination, and the five senses within the imagination, to achieve a goal or for a specific purpose.  Guided Imagery engages the imagination,  supports deep relaxation and the ability to more easily connect to our subconscious or inner wisdom.  Guided Imagery offers a process for self-discovery and exploration.

Guided Imagery provides us with an intentional method to engage the imagination to support our efforts in improving performance, achieving a goal, or for self-discovery.   Guided Imagery can create greater personal awareness and understanding.

Guided Imagery provides holistic benefits for our mind, body and spirit.  A variety of research studies have shown that guided imagery can provide many benefits including; relaxation, calming, reduction of pain, and improvement in sleep quality.

What should I expect in a Guided Imagery Session?

A guided imagery session lasts about 60 minutes.  During the first session I will answer any questions about Guided Imagery and gather some basic information.  Next will be a discussion about the client’s intention/goal for the session. The imagery will be selected or customized for the specific goal or intention of the client.

The imagery session begins with relaxation, and then proceeds to the body of the imagery.  It is most often experienced as deeply relaxing…  and is  described as a “waking dream.”  In most sessions, the client and the facilitator interact throughout the imagery.  The client is aware and in control throughout the entire guided imagery.  Once the imagery session has concluded, the client will most often feel alert, refreshed, and uplifted.  The session closes with a detailed discussion about what the client experienced during the imagery and how those experiences may relate to their life at present.

There are no right or wrong answers in Guided Imagery, it is simply information.  Guided imagery helps us to connect to a higher state of awareness.  It is a deeply relaxing process where we can connect to our own inner guidance to gain insight, inspiration, confidence, or motivation.

Guided Imagery is a complementary health service is not intended to take the place of services that are provided by a licensed health care or mental health care provider.

Guided Imagery Session

Total Time 60 Minutes