sound healing
reiki crystal bowls sound bath for healing

Sound baths, which may also be referred to as sound meditation or sound healing, can be an effective way to reduce stress and improve an overall sense of well-being. There are varying thoughts and theories about how and why sound creates states of relaxation and improved mood.

When participating in a sound bath, often the primary goal is relaxation and/or a meditative experience. We will begin by setting an intention for the sound bath. The participant(s) may sit or lay down during the sound bath; a comfortable position always enhances the experience.

The sound that participants experience is usually different from what we think of as “traditional music.” Often there is not a specific melody or even a specific harmony that is being played by the practitioner. It is thought that one way sound baths initiate relaxation is that the brain quickly understands that there is not a specific melody to anticipate or figure out.  The brain therefore easily moves into a quieter state allowing the body to relax deeply. By facilitating the body’s natural relaxation response, a sound bath helps the body to rest and supports the body’s innate ability to restore and heal. This is where the term sound healing arises.

A sound bath is a unique, beautiful, self-care experience and may be an effective to complement your existing health and wellness practices.

Sound baths are customized experiences that are planned with you and for you in advance of your appointment.  Each sound bath will feature a full set of 7 crystal singing bowls.  We begin with setting an intention and a guided meditation to allow you to settle into the experience. Sound bath sessions are approximately 60- 75 minutes.

Private Sound Bath – $175.00
Couples Sound Bath – $225.00
Small Group Sound Bath (3 – 12 people) – Pricing is based on the number of participants and group needs.

Contact me with questions, or to schedule your custom sound bath for healing!