Introduction to Meditation – A Free Limited Time Monthly Offering

This class if for anyone who:

  • Is curious about meditation and its benefits
  • Has struggled with meditation and developing a practice
  • Currently has an existing meditation practice and is interested in exploring a mantra-based meditation experience

In this fun, informative and experiential 60-minute session we will discuss:

  • What meditation is
  • Some of the benefits of meditation (there are so many)
  • How meditation can support our body, mind and spirit
  • The “T” word! – Thoughts during meditation
  • Two things that you need to meditate (…and they don’t cost anything!)

Experience the benefits of meditation: 

We will meditate as a group using a simple and beautiful mantra practice that you will be able to take home with you to use after class.  By the end of this class you will be meditating.

Are you ready to learn more about meditation?

Register now.  Classes are held in person in South Carlsbad and are limited to only 5 students. Please contact me to register or if you have any questions.